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Exclusive to HJS

Looking for something new!? Different? Check out these innovative products from all over the globe. Whether its flower pots from Israel, hanging baskets from China or planters from Brazil, you’re sure to stand out from the competition with our rare and custom items. These new “Canvases” await for your unique and creative flower arrangements. Combining your artistry with our planters to enhance your work of art will definitely captivate your customers.

Soilless Growing Mix

Ready to get your hands dirty? HJS is one of the few distributors in North-America that carry both the Sungro and Premier growing mix lines. HJS can accommodate your growing needs whether you grow in #1 from Sungro or need to germinate your plants with PXG from Premiere. So, let’s roll up those sleeves and get dirty!

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Premier Tech


Fertilizers, Soil Amendments & Water Tester Solutions

“Bzz, bzz, bzz!” The morning alarm goes off and you’re ready to take on the world, but before you can start you’ll need your first cup of coffee, daily vitamins and so on!  Just like you, your plants need that extra ‘umph’ to make it through the day. HJS carries a variety of fertilizers and soil amendments to ensure that your investment receives the essential nourishment and proper macro and micro nutrients to grow and thrive. To ensure your plants are receiving a well-balanced diet, test your water using the proper water tester solutions. Healthy, strong, and beautiful plants are key to the success of your business so check out our catalogue to start growing those plants and profits.

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Everris (Formerly Scotts)


Hanna Instruments

Bonadea Garden Products

Fun Fact: Bonadea Gardens is the only line of unique retail products manufactured by HJS which allows you to purchase at the best possible price!

This product line aims to make the home gardening experience a true enjoyment. Take the time to view the assortment of products that are all designed to aid in the quest for a gorgeous, bountiful, and long-lasting garden. HJS is proud of its Bonadea Gardens product line because of its shared secrets, innovative techniques, and great products. All of this to help your customer’s garden yield the best results they’ve been looking for, and the profit margins you’ve been looking for.

Landscape Supplies

Coffee in hand, materials purchased, on site, and it’s not even 8am. Our job is to supply, stock, and store high-quality commercial landscape materials. By partnering our inventory with your designs and creativity, we can help grow your business. We can provide the materials you want when you need it so you can manage your projects more efficiently to get more done. With HJS Wholesale you have access to a bundle of advantages: we open at 7am, offer free local deliveries on purchases above $160, and offer the best customer service with fast efficiency from start to finish.

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Pave Tech

Seymour Midwest

SRW Products

Greenhouse Structures & Poly

Hail? In August!!! Weather in Canada can be unpredictable and stressful so creating a controlled growing environment is necessary. At HJS, we have the essential greenhouse structures, tools, and equipment for you to maximize the full potential of your investment. Having the right materials will allow you to provide perfect conditions for your greenhouse, so you can relax knowing your investment is safe and secure.

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Berry Plastics

OMNI Structures

RPC BPI Agriculture



Greenhouse & Nursery Supplies

Seeing your hard work grow from nothing to a flowering flora is a satisfying and enjoyable experience, but we understand how much time and effort is needed to achieve that. After you’ve ordered your plant materials as plugs, cuttings, or seedlings, contact us for the rest of the supplies you need for every phase of production. We have it all, from plug trays and propagation/heat mats to wire hanging baskets to bedding plant labels to cardboard trays to plant ties. With our guaranteed in stock program, no matter what time of the year, you’ll never be left without an option. Sit back, relax, and watch your seedlings bloom.

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Badgerland Ventilation

Belden Plastics

Blackmore Company


Braun Horticulture



HC Companies



Landmark Plastic


Sinclaire Erie

T.O. Plastics

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